Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reading Log Table of Contents by Topic

After feedback from the class, I have decided to post the table of contents for the reading log BY TOPIC, so that you can better gauge at what point in the semester you would like to read and do your reactions to the articles.

Overview of QR

Article 1:
Qualitative Research Methods: A Data Collector’s Field Guide
Family Health International

Article 2:
Choosing Qualitative Research: A Primer for Technology Education Researchers
Marie C. Hoepfl

Article 3:
Qualitative Research and Quilting: Advice for Novice Researchers
Leigh Ausband

Theoretical Foundations of QR

Article 4:
Research Paradigms and Meaning Making: A Primer
Steven Eric Krauss

Article 5:
Comprehensive criteria to judge validity and reliability of qualitative research within the realism paradigm
Marilyn Healy and Chad Perry

Using Theory in QR

Article 6:
The Role of Theory in Qualitative Research
Gail J. Mitchell and William K. Cody

Article 7:
What Theory is Not
Robert I. Sutton and Barry M. Staw


Article 8:
Sampling in Qualitative Research: Rationale, Issues, and Methods
Mark R. Luborsky and Robert L. Rubinstein

Researcher as Instrument

Article 9:
A Healing Echo: Methodological Reflections of a Working-Class Researcher on Class
Allison L. Hurst

Article 10:
Keeping and Using Reflective Journals in the Qualitative Research Process
Michelle Ortlipp

Article 11:
Preparing a Qualitative Research-Based Dissertation: Lessons Learned
Glenn A. Bowen

Data Collection

Article 12:
Interviewing in Qualitative Research

Article 13:
Using Interviews in a Research Project
Nigel Mathers, Nick Fox, Amanda Hunn

Article 14:
Using Focus Groups to Research Sensitive Issues: Insights from Group Interviews on Nursing in the Northern Ireland “Troubles”
Joanne Jordan, Una Lynch, Marianne Moutray, Marie-Therese O’Hagan, Jean Orr,
Sandra Peake, and John Power

Data Analysis

Article 15:
Analyzing Qualitative Data
Margaret D. LeCompte

Article 16:
Qualitative Data Analysis
John V. Seidel

Article 17:
A General Inductive Approach for Qualitative Data Analysis
David R. Thomas

Article 18:
Analysis and Use of Qualitative Data
Souraya Sidani and Lee Sechrest

Article 19:
Constant Comparison Method: A Kaleidoscope of Data
Jane F. Dye, Irene M. Schatz, Brian A. Rosenberg, and Susanne T. Coleman

Reliability and Validity

Article 20:
Understanding Reliability and Validity in Qualitative Research
Nahid Golafshani

Article 21:
Validation of Qualitative Research in the “Real World”
Priscilla M. Pyett

Article 22:
Interviewing the Investigator: Strategies for Addressing Instrumentation and Researcher Bias Concerns in Qualitative Research
Ronald J. Chenail

Ethical Issues

Article 23:
Ethical Challenges in Participant Observation: A Reflection on
Ethnographic Fieldwork
Jun Li

Reporting QR

Article 24:
Presenting Qualitative Data
Ronald J. Chenail

Article 25:
Brief Note on the Origins, Evolution, and Meaning of the Qualitative Research Concept “Thick Description”
Joseph G. Ponterotto

Article 26:
Writing a Qualitative Research Report
Philip Burnard


  1. Hi, Dr. I'm Mayu, I just wanted to know where can we get these articles? because when i search some of the articles in Sage journals online it's not available, tq ;p

  2. Mayu, I hope you have the answer to this question already. In case you don't, please visit the Double A copy center at the flats behind our faculty. You can purchase them there as a course packet.

    - Dr. Lateef

  3. Hi Dr. Latif. I too would like to have these Reading log. I am out of town (Penang), and m not UPM student. Is there other way to get it beside from Double A copy center? Airin